Bubble bubble pop, science makes us never want to stop
by ranaha
Is it true that some counselors let or even encourage their students to take chemistry over the summer so they can advance to AP Chem the following school year? I find that unfair because [redacted] people were always denied requests like that. I hear about these kids taking Chemistry and Bio over the summer, and it frustrates me that others can't bc either they
1. Don't have parents that can pressure the school to let something like that happen
2. Don't have the right counselor

I feel like getting ahead in EV and by extension, in college admission or your education, is just dependent on how many backdoors you know and have access to--which is something that shouldn't be an issue at a public school. [redacted]

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by Nitya Ravi
I actually took chemistry over the summer after my freshman year and what worked for me was explaining the path I wanted to take with high school science classes. I want to major in physics so I explained that I wanted to take all the AP Physics courses available while still getting my chemistry and biology credits that UCs want. I think this process is different on an individual basis and it's hard to generalize. Especially for people trying to take AP Chem, it might be that a full year of chemistry is necessary to have success in the AP class. I'm sorry that your experience was like this but hopefully this is helpful for those trying to do the same in the future.
by Guest
Do you mind explaining why it was necessary for you to take chemistry, as it was neither a prerequisite for physics classes nor a prerequisite to graduation?
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by Nitya Ravi
It's recommended that you take chemistry when applying to UCs. But It wasn't necessary entirely. Going into a STEM field and applying for UCs it's wise to take science classes and it was more of a personal desire to diversify my repertoire.
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