Veni, vidi, vici. This topic is for questions that make history.
by xogabbiii
Whats the reason for learning about our past events?
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by Arianna Le
lol me in all my history classes

so bad history doesn't repeat itself?
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by Antoinette Hui
"The only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history." /s
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by Karina Tran
History is one of those subjects that isn't exactly empirical or necessary for fields that a majority of us here at EV are interested in (i.e. being a doctor, or a nurse, or anything biological) - or should I say, fields that our parents are interested in. Even so, learning about our past events is a way for us to revisit our "roots" in a sense. It lets us trace back time and find out what happened, why it happened, or who it happened to.

I actually enjoy history (even if I'm planning on pursuing a career in the medical field). Personally, I think it's fascinating learning about how things came to be and the reason why things are the way that they are in this instant. Also, sometimes, you look back on events and wonder why people were the way that they were and you can feel largely better about yourself that you don't live in that time period, experiencing those things. It might seem boring, learning about a bunch of dead things while you're still very much alive, but there's always something cool to learn from it, I think.
by lucky101
We learn about history of the world because history is a important subject that shows the past events in our society. We can learn from the mistakes of our ancestors and the leaders of our countries. Not only does history show the mistakes but also the great achievements that have helped progress our nation. We can see how the actions of many great leaders has led to such a society.
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