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I'm currently a junior but I haven't taken bio or chem yet. I took Conceptual Physics, AP Phys 1 and AP Phys C. I really want to take AP chem because it seems really interesting and I heard that Mr. Waltz is a cool teacher. I don't want to hurt my 4.0 though. Any suggestions??
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by Guest
I don't think it is possible to take AP Chem at our school without having already taken bio and chem (non-AP). They are listed as prerequisites for the course. If there is a way, I wouldn't recommend it, as the course already assumes prior knowledge of chem and it will be a struggle to catch up.
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by Deven Navani
The guest above is correct.

In addition, Biology is an ESUHSD graduation requirement. Given that, I think you will need to take Bio next year. Talk to your counselor, Mr. Cheadle, and/or Ms. Taylor to see if you can jump straight to AP Bio.

Alternatively, you could take Bio the summer after 11th grade at EVC, which opens up 12th grade for you to take a science of your choice. Ask your counselor about this as well. She should give you something called an R40 form, which allows HS students to take courses at their local community college.

Given that you received an A in Physics C, I don't think AP Chem should be challenging for you. It is much more math intensive than Physics though.

Hope this helps!
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